Pricing Support

Besides expert fare distribution services, you can also count on us for support in the pricing process:

  • Total Fare Calculator – LPM offers an end price process that periodically checks tax or level changes and acts on them. Calculations can be based on single O&Ds and/or fares or on an entire fare structure and/or markets/tariffs.
  • Automated Fare Level and Currency Check
  • Frame Check – Our system offers an automated frame check validation process for fare levels – when an instruction is created and before it is distributed via ATPCO. The frame check ensures that fare levels stay within predefined bandwidths and documents deviations through an automated approval process.
  • DocStore – This file management system greatly simplifies access to all filing-relevant information for your users.
  • Competitor Monitoring & Benchmarking  More...
  • Discrepancy Monitoring