Financial success, to a large degree, depends on good decisions – and on taking them in time to seize opportunities and avert risks. As data increases in complexity and volume, translating it into meaningful information for sound decision-making information is a major challenge.

That is why LPM proposes a full suite of reporting services ranging from needs analysis and report development all the way to report distribution. They combine industry insight with technical expertise to ensure clarity and comprehensiveness.

We can tailor our solutions to meet the most diverse and specific requirement scenarios, from Excel reports and more complex Access database models through to solutions based on IBM Cognos business intelligence software.

Our collaborative approach keeps you in the loop as we develop the optimal scenario for integrating off-the-shelf components with ad hoc reporting functionalities.

Get the clear picture

  • Rapid identification of decisive success factors
  • Comprehensive view of cause and effect relationships
  • Transparent overview, more drilldown flexibility
  • Harmonized database for easy, straightforward access and exchange for your users.